FGRI has a wide array of knowledge and information that we make available to all of our customers concerning the use and circuitry of force guided safety relays in a wide variety of applications. At any one particular time we are advising a number of customers via telephone, fax or e-mail. FGRI’s CEO Shawki Elgarhi is also available for corporate training sessions, consultations, individual visits where a hands on approach is warranted.
FGRI has over seventeen years of experience in the machine control and safety control business. We have been able to provide technical assistance on a wide variety of projects in many industrial arenas.
In many cases we have been asked by customers to suggest DIN rail mounted units, and force guided safety relays paired with specific control units. As a result of numerous customer requests we have developed a series of DIN Rail mount Relay Boards that contain FGRI force guided safety relays as well as Hengstler and Kaco relays. Our Standard Boards are designed for the FGR 50 which contains one relay and the FGR 52 which contains 2 relays.
The FGR50 is a universal unit that takes 10 different relays — FGRI, Hengstler, Kaco and Dold. There is a full range of coil voltages and contact configurations available. The FGR52 is available in 4 pole and 6 pole versions. It is designed so that the relays operate independently, giving users a wide variety of options within one unit. We would be happy to consult with you on a custom-made board for your particular application.
Our FGRI Relay Team is ready to assist you with the safety, technology project you are developing. We offer the widest possible range of force guided safety relays for any safety application whether in safety technology or automation control. We would be happy to answer any questions your may have — give us a call 1-877-736-0304 or email