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Welcome to the Super Store for force guided Safety Relays. During the past year we have developed the largest selection of force guided safety relays from the major manufacturers both here (FGR) and in Europe (Hengstler & Kaco). We are proud of our product offerings and our expertise in this niche market. Click on to any of the buttons above and explore the Super Store of Safety Relays.

What is a Force Guided Relay?

Force guidance in a relay means that the contacts in a contact set must be mechanically linked together so that it is impossible for the NO (Normally Open) Make contacts and the NC (Normally Closed) Break contacts to be closed at the same time. There must be a 0.5mm minimum air gap between open contacts for the entire service life of the relay, even in the case of a failure. The force guidance of the relay contacts must always be preserved even in the event of any malfunction.

Given our more than 15 years experience in the force guided safety relay field, the technical experts at FGR are available for consultation on individual projects as well as custom applications. We have developed a variety of DINRAIL units that include force guided relays and can manufacture these units to custom requirements.
Equipping control systems for:
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Cranes
  • Door and gate drive systems
  • Printing and textile machinery
  • Robots
  • Stamping machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Cutting machines
  • Railroad and subway signaling
  • Monitoring devices
  • Emergency stop modules
  • Safety door controls
  • Two-hand operating devices
  • Pressure mat controls
  • Light barriers and curtains
  • Speed controls
  • Din-rail safety modules

Typical Applications

The safest way to turn off a power driven machine to protect human life, the environment or expensive materials is to employ safety evaluating devices which use force guided relays. Relays contain many parts which are subject to dynamic, electrical or thermal wear. In order to assure safe function, especially in the case of a failure, appropriate controls are built into the circuits of safety devices.

For instance, one force guided relay can be used to check the condition of another force guided relay or a number of them. If they are in the proper state, they energize and turn off the first relay- this provides the fail-safe or redundant feature necessary for safe operation of any machinery. The force guided relay is the one component in a safety circuit that enables that circuit to provide redundant and fail-safe operation.

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