Force Guided Relays International
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Force Guided Relays International is a Sister Corporation of Fiber Instrument Sales Inc.(FIS) which was founded by Frank Giotto in 1985. FIS is a Manufacturer and Full Line Distributor of communication fiber optic test equipment, connectors, patchcord assembly, tool kits, fiber optic related items shipping to customers in the US and 90 countries worldwide. Our company is based in an airport industrial complex in Oriskany, NY where we presently employ 200+ people and maintain our own state of the art manufacturing facility.
In 1983, before developing the fiber optic business, Frank Giotto represented a German company called Hengstler which manufactured counters, meters, encoders and relays. After two years, Mr. Giotto was given the exclusive distribution rights in the US for the relay products and he has continued to sell the European force guided safety relay manufactured by Hengstler to this day. He created a division of FIS know as Hengstler Relays-USA to handle the sales and distribution of Hengstler and Kaco relays in the US.
Force Guided Relays International is the new name of our expanded Relay Company. We are the Master Distributor for the German relay companies Hengstler and Kaco for all of North America. We provide the safety industry with technical assistance and know-how in building custom safety control units. We also act as the designer and manufacturer of PC boards for such control units. Force Guided Relays International is operated as a sister corporation of Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. We are able to utilize this position to enlist the services of the FIS Marketing and Accounting departments as well as the utilizing their International Shipping. All of our products are received and inspected by the Quality Assurance Team and then re-inspected when shipped out. FIS and FGRI  are proud to be an ISO 9001:2000 accredited business enterprise.
In March of 1999 FGRI has embarked on a design and manufacturing program for force guided relays in the USA. We have produced four models of miniature force guided relays for the American OEM marketplace. See the section on FGRI relays for specifications on these relays.
In early 2000, we developed a variety of custom control unit designs in conjunction with a number of customers. Some of these are customer-specific units and cannot be discussed here but others have developed into standard DIN RAIL units that can be customized to fill specific needs. These units have their own data sheets and can be found under FGR DIN RAIL UNITS in the Products Section.